Geoprocessing & advanced analytics

Without any user interaction, we automatically assess the location data, segment it into different trips and journeys, augment it with geographical data such as shore zones, fuel stations, road types or elevation, and summarize and present it to you in real-time using various visualizations across the different apps or for retrieval via our API.

Easily create geofences, associate logic with different geographic features (for example to create a "reach the mountaintop" challenge or restrict movement along highways), or extract similar routes.

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Custom services for vehicle owners

Extend our core functionalities with custom services built and maintained by us to provide added benefits to the owners of your vehicles. Our cloud infrastructure is built specifically with this extendability in mind. You get the stability and reliability of our system without worrying about integrations or requirements for additional resources.

We built vehicle launch services like this, remote vehicle control, free-floating rental service integrations, and more. Contact us with your idea and we'll have it running in no time!

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Sustainable, electric, and shared powersports

Mobility and transport are major consumers of fossil-fuel based energy sources, which leads to an increased need to decarbonize the whole sector. As a result we see a rapid adoption of new drivetrain technologies, an increase in vehicle sharing, and the utilization of IoT technologies to optimize and quantize vehicle usage.

We provide you with eco-indexes out of the box, so that you can promote sustainable use of vehicles. We specifically focus on electric motors and vehicles, giving you extensive insights on battery utilization and wear, monitoring of temperature and power consumption, and helping vehicle owners keeping the battery in good shape. Last but not least, using services reduces trips to maintenance shops and helps keeping vehicles in an optimal operation condition, extending their life substantially.



AI-based predictive maintenance

Due to the constant connection to a vehicle, and complete transparency about its performance, maintenance can be centrally assessed and scheduled, and modern algorithms powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence can be used to continuously improve maintenance predictions and suggestions for aftersales.

This lowers the frequency of expensive repairs and entailing reputation damages, provides vehicle owners with up-to-date information about their vehicle and its brand, and increases the sustainability of vehicles due to optimized maintenance and fine-tuned motor settings.

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Communication services in the "powersports triangle"

The powersports sector is unique in that vehicles are manufactured by one entity, maintained by another, and owned by a third. In addition, many vehicles are used irregularly, have special requirements and customizations, and owners often form a strong association with a brand and spend a lot of money on it. All this requires much interaction with manufacturers and maintainers, which in turn need spend a lot of time assessing the status of a vehicle and the potential to repair, modify, or extend it.

Our cloud platform enables easy communication between the different stakeholders and insights into vehicle performance across a wide fleet, whilst at the same time guaranteeing anonymity and high privacy standards.



Manufacturers do not have to worry about "data leaks" from their vehicles, they get automatically anonymized and aggregated data from their fleets, and can use services for aftersales and upselling.



At the click of a button, vehicle owners can share data of their vehicle with the mechanic of their choice, can use the in-app chatting functionalities to schedule repairs, and more.



The vehicle owners get easy access to maintainers in their vicinity, are embedded in an ecosystem of vehicle owners and their brand, and retrieve personalized updates on products.

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Explore our off-the-shelf product lines clickahoy and clickrider, take a look at the services we offer, and contact us directly to discuss your business needs. We are happy to hear from you and help you build the next breakthrough in the mobility and powersports vehicles market!

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