Electric boats

Electric boat manufacturing and operation

Our work with a large Swiss boat manufacturer consisted of an initial evaluation of requirements of electric boats, based on real usage and driving behavior from hundreds of electrical and conventional boats in particular settings. After this, we co-developed an NMEA2000 compatible device that reads a range of properties from the boats and can remotely unlock boats, control the available motor power, and warn captains in case of a lack of battery, shallow waters, or forbidden zones.

In addition, buyers of the electric boats get the full c.technology suite of services: notifications and alerts, automatic logbook generation, driving and energy usage statistics, shared calendar and notes, additional services, and much more.


Fleet management

Country rental and trial fleet management

Toghether with a large motorcycle brand representative we developed a rental and trial fleet management tool that gives deep insights about usage, controls rental schedules, required maintenance and provisioning works, and additionally lets people who rent motorcycles get an exact summary of their vehicle usage, down to each individual trip. Those can of course be shared with friends and family, extracted for further analysis and publication, or augmented with notes, images and documents.


Custom vehicle and marina services

Vehicle launch, preparation, hibernation services

At certain well-frequented marinas, it is common to store a large number of boats outside of the water, and only prepare them on request. We offer tailored services for customers to request vehicle launches, preparation inquiries, and the booking of hibernation services (winter storage and services), as well as to rent vehicles and accessoires.

All services are continuously improved and extended in order to make communication more straightforward, reduce overhead, and let us all spend more time on the water.


Fleet monitoring

Electric scooter tracking and rental billing

We outfit the electric scooters of a large manufacturer in Switzerland. This allows collecting anonymous usage data, provisioning of added services (app, predictive maintenance, anti-theft measures, etc.), and an efficient fleet management and customer interactions. In addition, part of the scooter fleet is regularly rented out, and thanks to the automatic trip detection and summarization allows exact billing and usage monitoring.

The continuous IoT connection additionally helps monitoring battery state of charges, computing range estimations, displaying recharging points close by, and much more.